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Jacinth is a multi-award-winning actor, author, QVC TV talent, and Film Producer who empowers creatives to live their dreams. She produces, talks, and writes to help people transform pain into purpose and find their inner star. Jacinth recently released her first documentary, “I’m Jacinth – Love After,” in Jamaica and the USA to uplift and inspire. 


Jacinth's most recent documentary, "I'm Jacinth - Love After," was released in Jamaica and the USA, serving as an uplifting and inspiring source for people seeking guidance amidst adversity. Her memoir, also titled "Love After," is a complete guide for anyone who has experienced setbacks, hurt, trauma, or betrayal and wants to regain control of their lives.


As the founder of the InnaStar Organization, Jacinth is dedicated to empowering creatives from marginalized communities through self-development workshops, mentorship, educational programs, and wellness check-ins. Her mission is to inspire youth to build confidence and courage to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. InnaStar also hosts its annual Trailblazer Awards to recognize and celebrate individuals who are making a significant impact in the Art community.


In recognition of her outstanding efforts and services to the community, Jacinth received a proclamation from the City of Allentown in February 2019, declaring February 23rd as "Jacinth Appreciation Day." She is also a devoted mother who is passionate about creating a better future for her children and the youth, and she enjoys traveling to raise awareness about the Love After Transformational Movement.

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