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Free Your Mind:
The Gala / Trailblazer Awards /
Creative Fashion School Graduation

Free Your Mind: The Gala / Trailblazer Awards / CFS Graduation

Friday 19 April: Grand Cayman Marriott Resort

We celebrate the culmination of dedication and creativity at the CIFWK Gala, where our Free Your Mind Program takes center stage. Design students and guests showcase unique outfits amidst live painting and local musical talent. Join sponsors, influencers, models, international designers, celebrities, and the press for a night of glamour, specialty cocktails, and floating appetizers, immersed in the vibrant spirit of Cayman creativity.


The Gala also features the CIFWK Trailblazer Awards, honoring individuals for their inspiring contributions to our community through creative excellence and meaningful endeavors. CIFWK Trailblazer Awards is powered by INNASTAR and was established to honor those who have inspired the community through their creative abilities, strive for excellence, and who give back to the community in meaningful ways. The main aim of the CIFWK Trailblazers Awards is to recognize individuals who are contributing their skills and talents to a specific category in our community and publicly show appreciation for their contribution to our society.

For more information on the CIFWK Trailblazer Awards, CLICK HERE


Trailblazer Awards Voting Now Open!



In 2024, we proudly host the inaugural graduation ceremony of the Creative Fashion School. This significant event marks the culmination of creative journeys for a diverse cohort of students, spanning both young minds and seasoned adults. As the first-ever graduating class, these aspiring designers, visionaries, and trendsetters will be adorned in the regalia of their achievements, showcasing their dedication and passion for the world of fashion. The air will be filled with excitement and pride as we witness the emergence of a new wave of talent, ready to make their mark on the fashion landscape. It's not just a graduation; it's the dawn of countless creative futures, promising innovation and style in the ever-evolving realm of fashion.

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