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The Creative Fashion School (CFS) is a non-profit organisation, founded by Norma Ebanks to provide Caymanian youth and older residents an opportunity to purposefully develop and release their creativity. CFS provides a safe, structured, and fun environment for novice and mature students to innovate, design and learn.


Expressing creativity and learning a skill can alleviate mental issues which will benefit the individual, community, and society. CFS educates Caymanians in the art of sewing and fashion designing, which gives them the foundation to pursue a career and/or an individual lifelong interest in fashion, creativity or home decor.


Daily workshops and classes are available to everyone, and students learn different avenues of bringing their creative ideas to life. Additionally, there are after school programs and an annual summer camp for young creators.


Design and fashion talents have universal appeal and open a myriad of professional possibilities. Developing Caymans abundance of promising talent would contribute to local and international creative industries and benefit Cayman’s international image.


To promote Caymanian talent, CFS collaborated with local schools and formed the Emerging Designers Program (EDP). With support from international organisations, EDP students have opportunities to showcase their talents alongside International Designers. This helps students to build confidence, knowledge and self-esteem.


In the future, Creative Fashion School will have a scholarship program further supporting emerging local talent.


Proceeds from the event's revenues will be reinvested into The Creative Fashion School to support their efforts in educating  local individuals.

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