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Through a cutting-edge branding and marketing platform, Cayman InStyle Fashion Week will offer opportunities to connect with an opulent, voguish, and fashion-conscious audience. Opportunities exist for businesses in numerous industries, including hospitality, travel, financial services, luxury products, automobiles and real estate.


To that end, we work hard to give our sponsors exposure to a large audience in exchange for promoting their businesses. This is accomplished through our marketing channels as well as specific partnerships with Caymanian and international media outlets.

Cayman InStyle Fashion Week has a wide variety of sponsorship levels to meet the needs of any business.


If your company works with us, it can:

  • Participate in a widely publicised community event.


  • Make use of a one-of-a-kind and innovative promotional platform.


  • Get your company's name in line with those of successful regional and local competitors.


  • Maximize your brand's exposure to a wide audience through strategic marketing.


  • Develop profitable customer relationships through direct interaction.


  • Gain exposure for your brand and products in the media and from concerted marketing efforts.


  • Promote your products and services to potential clients via exhibitions and exclusive events

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