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About Us.

Cayman InStyle Fashion Week (CIFWK) is more than a fashion event—it's a movement dedicated to nurturing creative potential, particularly among the youth in design and the arts. Our primary mission revolves around supporting talent growth through the Creative Fashion School (CFS), a non-profit organization committed to reshaping the Cayman Islands' fashion and creativity landscape.


At the core of CIFWK is our unwavering commitment to empowering Cayman's youth. The "Free Your Mind" Program inspires local students through design workshops, guiding them from concept to creation and igniting their passion for fashion. Addressing mental health challenges, CIFWK and CFS contribute proceeds to a local mental health facility, highlighting our dedication to community well-being.

CIFWK serves as a gateway to creativity, offering workshops, networking events, and exposure. The Runway Show and Trailblazer Gala showcase local talent and honor community leaders, providing a platform for aspiring designers, artists, and models. Beyond local impact, CIFWK attracts international attention, featuring accomplished celebrity designers alongside local talent on the global stage. This weekend-long extravaganza, blending fashion, awards, and cultural celebration, promotes tourism and showcases the vibrant culture of the Cayman Islands. Supporting CIFWK means investing in the creative future of youth and the mental well-being of the community, making a lasting impact on the Cayman Islands and beyond. Join us in this journey of empowerment, artistry, and celebration.

"Fashion is about something that comes from within you."

- Ralph Lauren

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