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Cayman InStyle Fashion Week (CIFW) is a fashion and lifestyle event created with the intention of funding the development of passionate visionaries in design and the arts, through The Creative Fashion School (CFS) to exhibit their work and reinvent the Cayman Islands' culture of fashion and creativity for young people.


Along with our main objectives, we strive to empower and inspire Cayman Islands youth, for instance through the "Free Your Mind" Program. The program was developed to offer students from local schools a design curriculum through a workshop that instructs them on the ideas behind creating a fashion collection from conception to catwalk. Recognizing the challenges of our young people, CIFW and CFS have also partnered with the Alex Panton Foundation, which focuses on providing resources to children and young adults dealing with mental illness, with a focus on art therapy.


CIFW will provide access to workshops, networking events, and exposure. The Runway Show will be an artistic fusion at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. It will offer young designers and artists a chance to work toward a goal while honing a skill that they can use to launch a career. The show itself offers seasoned and aspiring designers the chance to exhibit their work at the prestigious event. In addition to giving makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, and models access to the fast-paced fashion industry, the event exposes a wide range of industry roles, allowing them to develop their skills and reach new professional heights.


As it draws international designers, artists, and celebrities in a multibillion-dollar global industry, this weekend-long event will offer the chance to boost tourism traffic. The event will also feature festive parties with live performances by local artists, as well as the chance to cruise the glistening waters of our beautiful island.

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