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Carlton Jones began turning heads early in his career as the stylist to begin the transformation of the image of Queen Latifah from rapper to the beautiful songstress we know today. With over two decades of experience serving as an image consultant, fashion director, style correspondent and wardrobe designer, Carlton began combining his love of style and fashion, with elation received from traveling to some of the most breathtaking destinations imaginable. The genesis of his eponymous, resort-inspired collection utilizes his experience dressing bodies, ranging from Halle Berry and Erykah Badu to Aretha Franklin and Michelle Obama

As a result of this aptitude and ambition, in 2020 Carlton became one of the recipients selected for the Icon 360 x A Common Thread $1 Million Grant facilitated by The CFDA and VOGUE. These resources fuels Carlton’s ambition to create travel inspired clothing that are suitable for the streets of any metropolitan city. Carlton has fused his fondness of relaxed fluidity, sensual fabrics, colors and prints along with a seasoned ability to forgive and accentuate. With that, aesthetic comes the brand’s anchoring belief; Resort isn’t a destination; it's a Feeling!

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