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The Alex Panton Foundation in Cayman aims to raise awareness about the need for a greater understanding of mental health concerns, particularly among the youth of the Cayman Islands.

Through the medium of art, it can provide young people with the opportunity to liberate their thoughts, concentrate on their creativity, and not be afraid to follow their ambitions or stand out from the crowd.

The Foundation will receive a portion of the event’s revenues in support of their work to raise awareness of and provide counseling for persons with mental illness.


Their goals are:

  • To raise awareness of mental illness affecting children and young adults, with a particular focus on anxiety and depression.

  • To provide hope and resources to improve the lives of children and young adults affected by mental illness.

  • To address the stigma surrounding mental illness by providing and promoting educational resources to the Cayman community.

  • To influence the development of public and private policies to ensure adequate access to tools and resources to those dealing with mental illness, including ensuring adequate health insurance coverage.

  • To address discrimination against young people affected by mental illness.

  • To educate friends, family, teachers, classmates, caregivers and the wider population on how to identify and successfully interact with young people with mental illness.

  • To provide resources to friends, family, teachers, classmates, and caregivers to help them support young people with mental illness.

  • To provide support options to those who have mental illness, such as depression and anxiety, via local resources.

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