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Confidence on-camera Workshop - January 22nd 2023

In the Confidence on-camera workshop. You will learn:


  • Gain On-Camera & On-Stage communication skills
  • Overcome barriers hindering confidence
  • Discover the secrets of becoming a successful on-camera personality with top-notch confidence



Bracadere Warehouses

David Foster Drive

Unit 216D

Confidence on-camera Workshop - January 22nd 2023

  • Cayman InStyle Fashion Week (CIFWK) will offer a series of workshops to help – local & international – models of all levels advance in the fashion industry.

    This confidence on-camera workshop is crucial for those that aspire to participate in the CIFWK fashion show, but it’s open for anyone that wants to learn about what it takes to be a runway model.

    We have an experienced team of instructors to help educate and mentor the workshop models. The lead coach for this workshop is Alva Page. Alva Page has excelled as a runway coach with more than 24 yrs of runway experience. He has gained recognition coaching models and celebrities on how to walk the runway.

    His method of runway coaching and development is about embracing the individuality of every model’s unique form to create a signature walk that respects the art of true runway style. Through Alva’s coaching and development models have graced international magazines and runways of New York, Paris, Milan, London and New Zealand.

    Alva has appeared in various media, publications and award winning productions from around the world.

  • Jacinth is a multi-award-winning actor, author, QVC TV talent, and Film Producer who empowers creatives to live their dreams.

    She produces, talks, and writes to help people transform pain into purpose and find their inner star. Jacinth recently released her first documentary, “I’m Jacinth – Love After,” in Jamaica and the USA to uplift and inspire. 

    Jacinth also published a memoir under the same name, “Love After,” to share her intimate stories with readers who seek inspiration amidst adversity and hope amidst despair. The book is a complete guide for every individual who has been confronted with a setback, hurt, trauma, and betrayal and wants to learn how to overcome and regain control.

    In addition, Jacinth is the founder of the InnaStar Organization, which empowers creatives from marginalized communities through self-development workshops, educational programs, mentorship, and wellness check-ins. She is on a mission to help the youth build confidence and courage to rise above adversities and accomplish dreams.

    In February 2019, Jacinth received a proclamation from the City of Allentown, declaring February 23rd as “Jacinth Appreciation Day” for her efforts and services geared towards empowering the community. Besides this, she is a mother who lives to create a better future for her children and the youth and likes to travel to raise global awareness about the Love After Transformational Movement.

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