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Paulette Cleghorn

Paulette Cleghorn serves in the capacity of Chief marketing Officer and Creative Director at Ashdon Brands housing such high profile bridal and special occasion labels such as Victor Harper, Cristiano Lucci, Simone Carvalli, Ashley & Justin, Zoey Grey and Disney's Royal Ball.  She also serves as head designer for Japan's Yumi Katsura NY since 2010 and previously as Head of Strategic Alliances and North American expansion to the legendary designer since 2007.  Katsura, is one of Japan's and the world's most prolific design houses, whose wedding dresses and couture creations are considered modern masterpieces. 


For the past eight years, Yumi Katsura and Ashdon has showcased Paulette’s unique brand of creativity and innovation that are equally married with a keen business acumen. With a background that spans the range of fashion, cosmetics, governmental, non-profit work, and marketing, Paulette has created a niche for herself and her respective companies that is founded on her ability to create, and seek industry trends, combined with an acute sense of how to communicate, market and sell them. Successfully launching over 350 products and 25 brands to the North American market – from bridal and fashion to cosmetics and jewelry, Cleghorn is known for her no-nonsense approach, as well as her expert execution and ability to effectively build brands.  Charged with creating and marketing the first bridal collection for the iconic Disney brand, she was able to break industry sales, brand expansion and product placement records in the inaugural season.


Before entering the world of fashion, Ms. Cleghorn served as Director of Product and Media Relations for the British based billion dollar cosmetics company –The Body Shop and was the US spokesperson for dynamic company founder, Anita Roddick.  Ms. Cleghorn has also served as guest lecturer on topics from fashion and advertising to body image and skin care at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and FIT/Fashion Institute of Technology.  Ashdon brands have been worn by celebrities around the world and have been featured in major publications globally, as well as on mainstream media and a wide array of television programs. Ms. Cleghorn has been interviewed extensively and has appeared on many shows on such networks as NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News. In addition, along with her business partner Elizabeth Sellassie, they co-own Designer Loft - a bustling bridal salon in the heart of New York City. 


She serves on the board of directors of The Kulinda Foundation - a non-for-profit foundation with a dedicated mission to the preemption and relief of famine on the Continent of Africa, specifically in the sub-Saharan Countries. She also serves as a board member at  Friends of Thirteen- (PBS/Channel 13) PBS is a membership organization that, with its member stations, serves the American public with programming and services of the highest quality, using media to educate, inspire, entertain and express the diversity of perspectives.  Channel 13/PBS empowers individuals to achieve their potential and strengthens the social, democratic and cultural health of the United States. 

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