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Designer, Norma Ebanks, has always had an immense love for fashion. She studied at the notable Parsons School of Design (also famous for being the home of Supermodel Heidi Klum’s TV show “Project Runway”) and Sew Rite School, in New York City, gaining certification in Fashion Designing and Home Décor. She was also trained in Fashion and Design, in Jamaica, at the Howell School of Fashion.

After completing her studies abroad, Norma returned to the Cayman Islands full of inspiration and, most importantly, purpose. Shortly thereafter, she established the renowned fashion powerhouse, Creative Fashion and Design, which is a successful, community-based fashion studio catering to both local and international clientele, for the past 20 years. Her one-of-a-kind designs have been worn by individuals from all walks of life, including Caymanian beauty contestants and beauty queens.


Norma’s artistic talent in the field of fashion has not gone unnoticed as numerous awards have been bestowed upon her, throughout the years, including the Caymanian Designer of the Year Award (received in 2009) and the prestigious Avant Garde Award (received in 2010), both from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.


Another highlight of her illustrious career took place internationally, as her signature designs graced the runway at NY Fashion Meets DC in August of 2022 and then, in September of 2022, at New York Fashion Week. 

With over 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry, Norma’s mission has always been to support people in her home country, the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean region and internationally, who dream of a career in fashion design. She has taught and mentored many designers, through the Creative Fashion School, which offers an array of fashion-related courses. 

In 2019 Norma, along with her partners, launched InStyle Cayman which created a solid foundation in the Cayman Islands by giving upcoming Caymanian designers exposure to international designers and the opportunity to showcase their talent throughout the fashion world.


In addition to her contributions to the fashion industry, Norma has also served as a Scholarship Interview Panelist with the Cayman Islands Government, since April 2017, and has been actively involved in assisting many local charities, over the years.


Just recently, Norma formed Cayman InStyle Fashion Week, which is a collaboration between Cayman Fashion Week and Cayman Fashion School. Cayman Fashion School, as a non-profit organization together with the Alex Panton Foundation, will be the underlying charities of the Cayman InStyle Fashion Week launch.

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